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13 Types of Grilled Vegetables

Each smoky bite will prove to be the perfect side dish packed with nutrients.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Summer time brings along a whiff of grilled meat in the air. But, did you know grilled vegetables are just as delicious, colorful, and nutritious addition to your barbeque.
13 Delicious Types of Grilled Vegetables You Need To Try...
Grilling zucchini is an art. You need to cut them into 1/3" or 1/2" slices to grill the perfect zucchini. If you cut them any thinner, they may fall apart. Make sure to cut zucchini lengthwise.
Grilled Zucchini
Boiled and steam edamame may have graced your plates. But have you tried grilled edamame? Just grill edamame with olive oil, salt/pepper, lemon juice, and anything of your preference on medium heat!
Grilled Edamame
Bell peppers are hands down the favorite vegetables to grill. Red, yellow, green these versatile vegetables not just add color, but flavor to your plate. The charred, smoky, sweet flavor will linger on your taste buds.
Grilled Peppers
You may not believe, but grilled cabbages will give you the feels. Cut them into thin wedges or in half, allow them to soften and lightly blacken on medium-high heat. Toss in some vinaigrette and serve with any meat in BBQ or honey marinade sauce.
Grilled Cabbages
A hot, grilled corn is hard to miss. Serve corns with butter and salt, or cover them with lemon, salt, and chili powder the Indian way. Come on! You have to admit, you are smelling the smoky corns and can taste the savory and sweet grilled kernels right now.
Grilled Corns
Big, juicy Portobello mushrooms are a delightful vegetarian alternative to meat. All you need to do is sprinkle some seasoning, brush with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to grill to perfection.
Grilled Portobello Mushrooms
Potatoes are versatile vegetables. Cook along with other veggies, boil, steam, fry, bake, or grill, a potato never ceases to amaze. Season it with salt/pepper, Italian herbs, and glaze with butter, delightful grilled potatoes are ready to be savored.
Grilled Potatoes
Eggplants are delicious grilled vegetables to add to your menu. Just cut 1/4th thick eggplant slices lengthwise. Brush with olive oil and add some balsamic vinegar. Grill till they turn golden and delicious grilled eggplants are ready.
Grilled Eggplants
Grilled tomatoes taste heavenly with each bite. The smoky sweet taste plays with your palate. Just drill over some olive oil over the tomatoes and sprinkle some goat cheese for delicious grilled tomatoes.
Grilled Tomatoes
Toss broccoli heads with lemon juice, salt, and olive oil before placing them on medium-high grill. Allow them to get browned. They taste divine as a side dish along with sausages and stake.
Grilled Broccolis
The perfect addition to your grilled plate are sweet potatoes. The smoky, charred flavor on the outside and sweet tender inside make you fall in love with grilled yams with every bite.
Grilled Sweet Potatoes
Move over French Fries, grilled beans are here to stay. Sweet, smoky and tangy, green beans are easy to grill and make a wonderful addition to your plate.
Grilled Green Beans
Onions are like supporting actors that take a movie ahead. Onions can make their way into any dish. Grilled meat or vegetables are incomplete without the presence of grilled onions. Make sure to place a few onions on your grill plate ready.
Grilled Onions
The bounty of summer produce gets better when it reaches a grill. The crisp covering, the charred flavor makes any taste bud satiate in hunger. These are a few types of grilled vegetables that will add color, flavor and nutrition to your plate.