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Top 12 Types of Fries You Should Try

Standard Cut is a common type of fries, served as a side dish with dips of your choice.
Standard Cut
Tornado Fries are deep-fried spiral cut whole potatoes, brushed with honey and cheese.
Tornado Fries
These fries are made from sweet potato, they are lower in carbs and calories and have more vitamin A.
Sweet Potato Fries
Steak Fries are thick cut and get there name as they are served with steak.
Steak Fries
Potato Wedges are fries with skin, they are thick, baked fries topped with sweet chili sauce and sour cream.
Potato Wedges
Cheese Fries are topped with shredded cheese, which is perfect for a movie night.
Cheese Fries
Curly fries have a springlike shape, created by cutting the potatoes using a spiral slicer.
Curly Fries
Smile fries are circle shaped fries with smiley face cut out, They are soft inside and crunchy from outside.
Crinkle Fries are crinkle shaped fries served with cheese and tomato sauce.
Crinkle Fries
Waffle Fries are lattice-shaped fries, which look like a waffle.
Waffle Fries
These are new shape fries, specifically designed for restaurants as they have an interesting look.
Side Winding Fries
Loaded Fries are topped with Mac and cheese, sour cream, bacon, red sauce, and jalapenos.
Loaded Fries

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