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10 Types of Falooda

Amruta Joshi
Rose Falooda is the most traditional type, and Rose is naturally cooling agent so it's a best pick all the time.
Rose Falooda
Dry Fruit Falooda is a iced glass of flavored milk, with some crushed nuts. A super healthy drink you see!
Dry Fruit Falooda
Jelly Falooda
Jelly Falooda is made with flavored jelly with some ice cream, some vermicelli and some cia seeds.
Mango Falooda
Mango Falooda can be made with mango juice, mango pulp, and chopped mangoes.
Parsi Falooda
Parsi Falooda is quite different from regular falooda, it is rich and has fabulous flavor.
Instead of using artificial flavors, Mix Fruit Falooda is made with fresh fruits, it's a natural and healthy drink everyone should try.
Mix-fruit Falooda
Kulfi is an Indian ice-cream, in this falooda, dense Kulfi base is used instead of flavored milk.
Kulfi Falooda
Phirni & Rabdi Falooda
This is a good combination of two famous Indian desserts, phirni and rabdi.
Orange & Strawberry Falooda
Fresh strawberry syrup and sweet-tangy orange jelly are used to make Orange & Strawberry Falooda.
This is an instant and easy recipe, made with loads of chocolates and flavored milk.
Chocolate Falooda