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Top Refreshing Homemade Iced Tea

There’s nothing like a cold glass of iced tea to enjoy the warm summer breeze.
Dhvani Dedhia
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
The summer is here and with it so is the heat.
Read on to relish the best thirst quenching homemade iced teas.
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
Classic Lemon Iced Tea
Iced black tea and freshly squeezed lemon juice are a match made in heaven. The most classic version of iced tea to enjoy with brunch.
Watermelon Mint Iced Tea
Watermelon is the fruit of the summer season. Start by juicing together watermelon, mint leaves and lemon juice. Add this juice to your black tea. Garnish with watermelon cubes and lemon slices.
Mint Iced Tea
Mint has a cooling property that can help bring down your body temperature in the heat. Add fresh mint to your green or black tea and make your own version of mint mojito iced tea.
Pineapple Iced Tea
This iced tea will give you all the tropical vibes this summer. Add quarter parts pineapple juice to one part tea along with simple syrup and some lemon juice to top it off.
Very Berry Iced Tea
Iced tea drinks are a good way to add more fruits. Crush together blueberries and strawberries with sugar syrup. Mix the crush to your choice of tea. Serve in a tall glass with lots of ice.
Spiced Iced Tea
A little variation to iced tea, this spiced lemon ginger tea will give you winter vibes in summer. Brew black tea along with a stick of cinnamon, ginger and lemon slices. Add sugar and ice cubes. Cheers!
Cucumber Green Iced Tea
Add freshly made cucumber juice to brewed green tea and some mint leaves. This tea is as refreshing and cooling as it is easy to make.
Iced London Fog Tea
A cold version of a hot London fog to liven up your gloomy day.
Start by steeping Earl Grey tea in hot water, then add sugar to taste and cold frothy soy or almond milk, and a hint of vanilla. Makes for a perfect afternoon drink.
Peach Iced Tea
Another classic iced tea. Make a big batch to enjoy over the weekend. Add fresh or store bought peach juice to brewed black tea and lemon juice. Garnish with few peach slices on top.
Chamomile Iced Tea
This herbal aromatic tea is a great caffeine-free option to calm your nerves. Brew loose chamomile tea buds in hot water or use tea bags. Add lemon juice if desired. Once brewed, serve the tea in a tall glass filled with ice cubes.
Hibiscus Iced Tea
This flora ruby red tea is a must try this summer. You can either brew fresh hibiscus flowers or dried ones. This tea is not only tasty, but also healthy. Enjoy cold with a slice of lemon or a stick of cinnamon.
Citrus Cooler Iced Tea
This tangy cool tea can be made by mixing together 2 parts orange juice to one part lemon juice. Add this to sweet black tea and serve with a heaping glass of ice topped with orange slice.
Sparkling Cranberry Tea
This is a decadent beverage to impress your dinner guests. Mix brewed cooled green tea to cranberry juice, add chilled sparkling water and serve.