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12 Tempting French Macaron Flavors You Can't Resist

Find an awesome collection of delicious French macaron flavors you can get your hands on.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Macarons are chic, yet flavorsome French treats. Yes, these expensive treats indulge you with their soft colors and tasty flavors.
Don't confuse macarons with macaroons. Macarons are light, shell-like cookies made from almond flour and egg whites. These shells are filled with ganache, fruit cream, buttercream, etc.
Get ready to get blown away with the flavors of these cookies with a crunchy outside sandwiching a delicious filling.
Macaron Flavors You Can't Miss
Chocolate & Nutella Macarons
Chocolate and Nutella are almost everyone's all-time favorite. Add this to delicate macarons and you will end up with a heavenly dessert.
Chocolate & Mint Macarons
Yummm... What a refreshing taste. Mint-flavored shells sandwiching chocolate filling. Scrumptious!
Lavender Macarons
Spend a tranquil evening sipping on some Chamomile tea and biting into these lavender-flavored macarons filled with white chocolate.
Lemon Macarons
Citrus fresh, these lemon-flavored macarons filled with lemon curd will cause a burst of flavors with every bite.
Strawberry Cheesecake Macarons
Cheesecake, the name makes anyone drool over. Pair it with strawberry-flavored macaron shells and treat yourself a classic dessert.
Blueberry Cream cheese Macarons
Oh! Delightful, light blueberry-flavored, cream cheese filled macarons are fancy enough for any party.
Coffee Macarons
Craving coffee? Do try these coffee macarons for an instant kick. From caramel, macchiato to expresso macarons, the list is endless.
Chocolate Fudge Macarons
Can you refuse a piece of chocolate fudge? No, right? Then you probably can't miss trying the soft, yet crunchy with a gooey center of chocolate fudge macaron.
rose Macarons
Gift rose-flavored macarons to someone you love. Sink your teeth into the delicate, rose essence ganache macaron for a mesmerizing experience.
PIstachio Macarons
Bite into a scrumptious pistachio filled ganache of a pistachio-flavored macaron. Every bite will be a gastronomic experience.
Snowflake Macarons
It's holiday season and vanilla-flavored macarons with delicate white chocolate ganache snowflake piped over the shells are the perfect gift.
Snickers Macarons
Ok, we admit it! We love our Snickers bar. So much so, that we make snickers-flavored macarons as an elegant party favor.
Although, we limit ourselves by introducing you to 12 types of macaron flavors you can't miss ...
... as a pro or novice p√Ętissier, there are many different types of French macaron flavors you can experiment with, in your kitchen.