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10 Mouthwatering Burgers You Need to Taste

Let's take a quick trip to find out the must-eat burgers from around the world.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Who does not love to sink their teeth into a warm burger? The delicious meat rests between soft bread & salad, covered in the most delicious sauces and mayo.
If you are stuck in a burger rut, it's time you start broadening your taste horizon. There are plenty of lip-smacking burgers that will give you a foodgasm.
Need to Move On?
Let's take a quick look at 10 of the most scrumptious, juicy burgers out there in the world.
Most Delicious
Top 10
This burger from New York has a delicious meat patty nestled between two fried ramen noodle buns. Created by Keizo Shimamoto, it was voted as one of the 17 most influential burgers by Times Magazine.
Ramen Burger
What's so special about an Australian Burger? Well, along with the customary onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and the meat patty soaking in sauces, it comes with canned beetroot.
Australian Burger
If you visit Germany, don't miss trying burgers from The Bird. This burger joint serves the most impressive patties with an unusual bun loaded with fries. This is one wholesome meal for the hungry.
The Bird Burger
A vegetarian treat for all those who like burgers and beef. Do try this burger filled with black beans and veggies with ketchup and paprika for added flavor when visiting London.
Black Bean Burger
A flavorful burger filled with cucumber, tomato, and feta cheese, Greek burger gives you a kick with added flavors from Creamy tzatziki sauce toppings.
Greek Burger
Roasting of chickpeas patty to the right temperature to leave them juicy and crispy, loaded with herbs, spices, onion, and lemon-yogurt sauce, this Egyptian falafel burger is worth a try.
Falafel Burger
Now those who like to add a bit of sweet-tangy kick to their burgers should try grilled pineapple Hawaiian burgers. The caramelized pineapple gives a sweeter taste adding an edge to the burger.
Pineapple Hawaiian Burger
Frita is a burger of Cuban origin. It's made with Cuban rolls, onions, ground beef patty, smoked paprika, and julienned potatoes.
Frita Cubana
This delicious burger contains ground turkey with jalapeno, grilled corn cotija salsa, and avocado. Must try when you visit the Southern states in the U.S.
JalapeƱo Turkey Burger
Teriyaki sauce is not just good for barbeque, but does wonder to your burgers. A delicious Japanese meat patty with salad, onion, tomatoes, and blue cheese (or any cheese you prefer), will blow your taste buds away.
Teriyaki Burger
Burger Goals
If you're planning to visit any of these countries, burgers are sure to win you over.