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How to Start a Food Blog of  Recipes Learned in Lockdown

Create Web Stories of your newly learned recipes. Start a food blog that your readers will relish! As we know, deep down you wanted to be a food blogger.
Social media sites were flooded with recipe videos and photos, as many of us took to cooking as a pastime during the lockdown.
Yes, this phase was difficult, but everyone found a way to make creative use of the time, and one of these ways was cooking.

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If you were among those who have spent more time in the kitchen during this lockdown, cooking, not eating, that is, then you could consider starting a food blog. Why not!
We know what you are thinking, that 'writing' is not your cup of tea or that starting a blog is highly technical. Well, Visual Stories has a solution!
Firstly, the blog we are urging you to start is in the Web Stories format. Unlike long articles, these Stories are replete with visuals and light on text, making them easy to create and fun to consume.
Like the one you are reading right now!
They are fast-loading and visually engaging like social media stories. They are search engine-friendly like other web pages.
Web Stories (Also known as AMP Stories) are backed by Google's AMP technology and they feature in a dedicated section on Google's first page of search results.
Thus, Web Stories score high on performance as well as user engagement metrics and that's why, are the perfect choice of blogging format.
Now about the technicalities, well, Visual Stories gives you a hassle-free way to start a Web Stories blog. The blog is a PWA (website and mobile app) that uses Web Stories as its content format.
To create Web Stories on your blog, you will get access to the Visual Story Builder, a WYSIWYG tool and a media library of music and millions of images and videos.

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You can also upload your own videos and images for your Stories.

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You may have taken videos, of you making a particular dish. You may have taken photos of the recipe in its various stages, from the ingredients to its plating.
Put these together into a story. You could create Stories about cooking tips or some new techniques you learned.
Recollect all you learned from your favorite chefs, compile the photos/videos you took while cooking, and start creating Stories. Starting a food blog will take just a few simple steps.
So what are you waiting for? What better way to publish your lockdown recipes and starting a Web Stories food blog!

 Manali Oak

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