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11 Different Types of Pulses You Should Know

Priya Johnson
There are so many different kinds of pulses grown and consumed across the globe. They are all high in proteins and increase muscle mass.
Chickpeas or Garbanzo Beans

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Popular in Middle-Eastern and Western Asian cuisine, these pulses are the main ingredients in hummus and falafels. They are also consumed in a curry along with Indian fried bread or roti.
Navy Beans or White Pea Beans
This is commonly consumed as baked beans. Baked beans is a common side dish in North and South American breakfast.
Red Kidney Beans
Chilli con carne is a spicy Mexican stew commonly prepared by cooking red meat, red kidney beans, chilly peppers and tomato sauce. Vegan chilli will omit the meat.
Faba Beans
In Sichuan cuisine of China, the faba beans are combined with chilli peppers, soy beans, salt and flour to form a spicy paste called Doubanjiang.
Black-eyed Peas
Also known as cow pea, this pulse variety is native to West Africa. A traditional fritter called 'Akara' is made using this bean in Nigeria and Ghana.
Mung Bean or Green Gram
Mostly cultivated and consumed in Asia, this bean variety is used in both sweet and savory dishes. Mung bean paste is a key ingredient in Chinese moon cakes.
Adzuki Beans
Also known as the red mung bean, this bean is commonly used in a Japanese jellied-dessert called Yōkan. It's usually made from adzuki bean pasta, agar and sugar.
Black Gram
Hulled and split black gram is a key ingredient in South Indian cuisine. It's used to prepare dosa (crispy flat rice crepes) or idli (steamed rice cakes) batter.
Split Red Lentils

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Commonly used in Indian cuisine, this lentil variety is known for its low cooking time. It makes a lovely lentil soup or Indian 'dal' or 'sambar' .
Horse Gram
Horse gram fritters are popularly consumed in Southern India. As the name suggests, these legumes are mainly grown for horses to consume.
Yellow Split Peas
Commonly used to prepare soups, this legume is also used to prepare pease pudding traditionally served with ham or bacon. It's similar to potato mash.
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