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Different Types of Coffee Beans

Amruta Joshi
There are 4 main types of coffee beans.
Arabica - the most popular coffee bean around the world, is also the most common type of coffee in North America.
This bean is obtained from the Coffee arabica plant and originated in Ethiopia.
Arabica coffee beans are the highest-quality beans among all other types.
Robusta coffee beans are 2nd most popular coffee type in Europe and Africa.
Robusta originated in central and western sub-Saharan Africa.
Liberica beans are a pleasant surprise for all of us.
This bean originated in Liberia in West Africa. The plant has larger cherries compared to Arabica plants.
This coffee bean has a unique chocolaty taste with a combination of spice.
Excelsa coffee beans belong to Liberica family, but are different from Liberica.
Excelsa grows in Southeast Asia and shares only a small amount of the world’s coffee production.
It has a special fruity taste.