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10 Different Types of Candy To Increase Your Cravings

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa

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Go to any part of the world, and you will probably find a delectable candy locally available. Let's awaken your sweet cravings by looking at different types of candy popular around the world.
Candy Corn
Candy corn is a triangle shaped candy divided into three colors; yellow, orange and white. These are the colors of fall and the candy is popular during halloween.
Candy Sticks
These are fruit-flavored candy sticks that are chewy. The most popular flavor is strawberry. Candy sticks are popular sweet treat among teens.
Coated Candies
These are hard, color coated candies popular in the U.S. They are great as seasonal or festive treats.
Gum Drops
These are gummy candies, gelatin/pectin based sugar coated, and fruit/spice flavored.
Sugar Candy
These candies are made by dissolving sugar in water or milk. They can be of variety of textures from soft, chewy to hard or brittle.
Money Candy
Do you remember those chocolates shaped in dollar, covered with golden wrappers? They are often used as favors for graduation ceremonies or birthday gifts.
Candy Cane
These are traditional peppermint flavored Christmas treats that come with red and white streaks.
Love Hearts
These fruity flavored heart shaped hard candies are quite popular among the younger generation.
Lollipops with a gummy or surprise center that come in a variety of flavors are popular worldwide. They are often sucked as a time pass treat.
Gummi Candy
The gelatin based chewy candies are popular for the shape of bears.
Candy Floss
A popular candy among young and old, cotton candy/candy floss is made of spun sugar with mild flavoring and colors.
Don't you just love your candies. They are fun to eat and bring back many sweet memories of childhood. Which of these type of candy have you tasted?