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10 Delicious Types of Tart Flavors

These delicious tart flavors will warm your soul.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa

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One of the most popular baked goods - tarts, are mostly shortcrust pastries. Filled with delicious sweet and sour fillings, tarts soothe a soul craving something sweet, yet filling.
Tarts were initially meant to be filled with meat, however, the sweeter versions became more popular among dessert lovers.
With the rise in their popularity, tiny, miniature versions of tarts that kind of fit in your palm called tartlets came into existence. Let's check out 10 delicious tart flavors you will love indulging in.
Types of Tart Flavors
Chocolate Raspberry Tart
Tart shell filled with chocolate custard covered with fresh raspberries, is a perfect end to a scrumptious dinner.
Goat Cheese Tart
Creamy goat cheese, cherry tomato compote, filled with fresh herbs, basil, this tart is a welcome change from the usual sweet tarts.
Gingersnap-Lemon Tartlets
Gingersnap crumbs and lemon curd put together make the most scrumptious dessert for a warm evening.
Ratatouille Tart
Eggplant, zucchini, and pepper dunked in Bursin cheese never tasted so delicious together, until you sink your teeth into a Ratatouille tart.
Orange Tart
Tangy and sweet. This brilliant orange tart is the best dessert for a warm, summer evening party.
Dark Chocolate Tart
Craving chocolate? This is the best chocolate treat to indulge in. Dark and creamy, this chocolate tart will touch your soul.
Pear and Apricot Tart
Fresh, flavorful steeped in traditional Italian cooking customs, this tart is best served with vanilla ice cream or gelato.
Tomato and Basil Tart
Wanna have something warm, savory, yet filling? Try tomato basil tart baked to perfection with fontina cheese.
Pistachio Tartlets
Mini tartlet shells filled with pistachio flavored custard, covered with fresh strawberry and blueberry makes the perfect brunch dessert.
Glazed Nut Tartlets
This gourmet tart is so delicious. Tartlet shells filled with date purée, pear juice (or any juice of your choice), and dry roasted nuts.
Tarts are quite easy to make. They are best to take at your friend's potluck party, or to be served on a brunch date, even a formal dinner part.
These delicious types of tart flavors are light and will leave you feeling delightful all day.