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8 Delicious Gelato Flavors You Must Try

Indulge yourself with Italian gelato flavors for a quick sugar rush.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa

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Apart from pastas and pizzas, what do foodies around the world love to eat from Italian cuisine? 
is a frozen dessert made
of 6-10% butterfat, 70% less air,
with dense flavors and richness making it different from other ice creams.
Let us have a quick look at 8 delicious gelato flavors you must try and pick out your favorite from these. 
8 Gelato Flavors
That Are Hard to Miss
The Puffo will remind you of 'The Smurfs'. This blue gelato has a varied flavor from 'anise' to 'bubblegum'.
Menta means 'Mint' in Italian. It's a popular flavor for many, and often comes with choco chips or  Crème de Menthe Liqueur for a special taste.
This is a unique gelato with a dark chocolate base and spicy chilli flavor. It has added  honey to mellow down the hotness of the chilli pepper.
Cioccolato Con Peperoncino
This is quite a rare flavor to find outside Italy. It has a warm undertone, nutty flavor with caramel drizzlings.
Panna Cotta
Hmm.. this gelato is made of  pureed fresh figs. It's such a refreshing fruity flavor, with the little little crunch of the seeds in each bite making it a enjoyable treat.
Rich, creamy flavored gelato made of ripened raspberries makes it tasty and most sought after.
Now, does chocolate need any introduction? Do try a dark chocolate gelato that tastes exactly like a  gooey brownie.
Dark Chocolate
A delicious rich, creamy, and fresh strawberry flavored cheesecake in form of a tempting gelato. Do try it with whole strawberry toppings.

These 8 delicious gelato flavors are just a few gems. You can find many different tasty flavors
of gelato to interest
your taste buds.
From Bacio (kiss) to Stracciatella, make sure you taste a new flavor every time you visit a Gelateria.