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A Quick Guide to Types of Gourds in India

Dhanashree Khadke
Be it a salad, stew, soup, or sambar, gourds are used in almost every Indian kitchen! There are numerous types of gourds relished in Indian cuisine that are not just tasty but packed with essential nutrients.
The edible gourds are used as a part of food, while others are used for decorative and utility purposes.
Apple Gourd
The Indian Apple gourd is best relished when it's tender. This small gourd has soft flesh with pale yellowish seeds inside.
Bitter Gourd
Bitter gourd, as the name suggests is extremely bitter, yet packed with loads of nutrients.
The benefits are endless - it can be a part of your weight loss diet, an effective remedy for diabetes, or simply an immunity booster.
Bottle Gourd
A bottle gourd is an interesting gourd that is used as - food when it is green, and as a utensil or musical instrument when it is dried.
It is a superfood for promoting heart health and regulating blood pressure.
Pointed Gourd
This tasty Indo-Malayan vegetable can be your best friend as it is a healthy dose of nutrients and often lighter on the pocket.
This fiber-dense gourd aids in constipation and cholesterol management.
Ridge Gourd
Ridge gourd is a popular choice for some of the scrumptious Indian dishes like pakoras or sambar.
It is also no less in nutrients. It improves vision and helps in regulating body heat with its high watery content.
Smooth Gourd
Smooth gourd or sponge gourd can be consumed boiled, pureed, sauteed, or simply raw.
The smooth gourd is considered a superfood for brain and cardiovascular health.
Ash Gourd
Ash gourd is rich in medicinal properties, it promotes weight loss and boosts energy levels.
Ash gourd is rich in medicinal properties, it promotes weight loss and boosts energy levels.
Did you know?
One of the famous candy-like desserts of Agra named Petha is made from Ash gourd.
Fun Fact!
You will be surprised to know that musical instruments like rattle, shekere, guiro, drum, rainstick, lyre, reed flute, kalimba, musical bow, are all made from gourds.